Documents for Download

Application forms and associated documents are available for download. The following instructions need to be adhered too:

(1). Download the relevant Forms that are necessary for your applications.

(2). Print and fill out the form thoroughly and correctly.

(3). Where required, ensure that all forms are signed. Thereafter, scan and upload with any other supporting documents when making the application.

Malawi Land Laws and Regulations: 

Land Act, 2016

Customary Land Act, 2016

Land Survey Act, 2016


Land Related Forms: 

Form 1 - Consultation with Chiefs

Form 2 - Lease Application

Form 3 - Lease Application for Agricultural Land

Form 4 - Application for Plot

Form 26 - Land Acquisition by Government Ministry

Physical Planning Forms: 

Form 001 - Application for Development Permission

Form 002 - Outline Application for Development Permission

Form 003 - Application for Permission to Subdivide Land

Form 005 - Application for Permission to Amalgamate Land Parcels

Form 007 - Application for Permission to Display an Advertisement

Form 024 - Notice of Appeal Against Development Permission

Form 025 - Notice of Appeal Against Enforcement Notice