What applications can I apply for on the LIMS Online System?

  • Bonds
  • Deeds
  • Leases
  • Plots (Survey)
  • Subleases

How would I provide my documents to the Ministry of Lands?

All documents that would have been brought in as physical copies, would need to be scanned and uploaded. The system provides clear and simple instructions to assist on where this should be done

How would I know the status of my Lease application?

The status for all applications is shown throughout their full life cycle. When logged in, there is a “My Portfolio” page which shows a full list of all your applications at their various stages. You also have the ability to search for specific Leases, Subleases etc, based on the search fields available.

How would LIMS provide me with updates on my application?

Email notifications are set up on the system to be delivered at various stages of the Lease workflow. Provided that you supply a correct email address when registering, you will receive updates by means of these notifications.